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A promise of remembrance.

Andrew J. Grimes


Length of Service:
Two Years

Date of Injury:
May 12, 1902

Date of Death:
May 12, 1902

Location of Incident:
The Union Depot – Front Street @ S. Main

Oakwood Cemetery

On May 12, 1902, at approximately 6:30 a.m., Officer Andrew J. Grimes of the Fort Worth Police Department was on foot patrol at the Union Depot train station on Front Street when he observed a hack driver violating a city ordinance governing where to park his hack. Officer Grimes believed that the driver had moved his hack forward of the “deadline.”

Officer Grimes approached the driver, Jeff Van, and told him of his violation and that he would cite him for it. The man became very upset and began arguing with Officer Grimes. Officer Grimes was unmoved by these arguments and continued writing the summons. After completing the summons, Officer Grimes asked the man to sign it. Jeff Van refused. Officer Grimes then told Van that he would arrest him if he did not sign the summons. Van replied he would sign the “G—D--- summons”, then lifted his seat and pulled out a handgun and began shooting. Officer Grimes sought cover and began returning fire. Officer Grimes was shot once in the abdomen. Responding officers arrived in time to arrest Jeff Van for murder. The patrol wagon was called to take Officer Grimes to the hospital, but Officer Grimes died before the wagon arrived.

A total of five shots were fired by Jeff Van, and four shots by Officer Grimes. One bystander and two horses were injured during the shooting.

Officer Grimes was buried with full police honors at Oakwood Cemetery in Fort Worth.

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