Fort Worth Police and Firefighters Memorial
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The memorial is located on the north end of Trinity Park along West 7th Street. It occupies approximately five acres of park. » Get Directions

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5:00am - 11:30pm
The displays and paths are always illuminated.

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3801 Hulen Suite 101
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A promise of remembrance.

Frank Maco


Length of Service:
Two Months

Date of Injury:
December 22, 1926

Date of Death:
December 23, 1926

Location of Incident:
West Seventh @ Penn Street

Greenwood Cemetery

On December 22, Officer Maco was assisting two other officers with traffic control while traffic lines were being painted on the pavement at West Seventh and Penn street. At about 11:45 p.m., a car approached the intersection. The officers began swinging their lights at the vehicle to get the driver to stop. The driver drove right at the officers, driving across the freshly painted lines.

Believing that the driver of the vehicle had tried to run over him and his partner, Officer Maco jumped onto the running board to try to get the driver to stop. Officer Maco attempted to shoot out the tires of the vehicle as it began zigzagging. Officer Maco was pushed from the vehicle as it neared the Van Zandt viaduct. As he fell, he began rolling, striking his head on the sidewalk. Officer Maco suffered severe head injuries from the fall. He died the next day.

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