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A promise of remembrance.

G. Frank Coffey


Length of Service:
Two Years

Date of Injury:
June 26, 1915

Date of Death:
June 26,1915

Location of Incident:
NW 25th @ North Main

Mount Olivet

Captain G. Frank Coffey was killed in the line of duty at 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, June 26, 1915. Captain Coffey had gone to the saloon of Buck Cooper & Son to arrest Ed Cooper. Cooper and Ed Spears, a stockyards cattleman had staged a fistfight earlier in the day.

Ed Cooper offered to pay a fine, but refused to go to the police station. Captain Coffey insisted that Cooper accompany him to the police station. When Cooper began resisting, Captain Coffey drew his pistol and pointed it at Cooper. At this time, Captain Coffey and Ed Cooper were surrounded by packinghouse men that had been in the saloon. Ed Cooper’s brother, Tom Cooper, came up and shot Coffey four times, with the last shot going into Coffey’s face. Coffey fell dead on the street.

Tom Cooper was later charged with the murder of Captain Coffey.

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